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Being “Me”

You should be saying right now, “I just want to be Me!”

As part of my talk “Body By GOD: Your Spiritual Health Matters” at a conference, I asked the question, whose shoes are you wearing?

GOD never made you to be other than you. Comparing yourself to others is actually counterproductive to GOD’s purpose for you.

If you are fitting into someone else’s shoes, you cannot possibly fit yours!

Whose shoes are you wearing?

Are you wearing your shoes?

You should be wearing yours and shouting “I just want to be Me, GOD use Me.”

Today I challenge you to examine the shoes you are wearing! If they are your shoes then great, but if you find yourself in someone else’s shoes, take them off and then go and put your’s on!

Need some help finding your shoes?

Let #Ladywisdomisumm your #SpiritualHealthandLifeApproachCoach #theMidwifeofBirthingPurpose help get you in your own shoes.

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