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Body By GOD

Our Heart that pumps blood throughout our bodies!

Our lungs that breathe and oxygenate our cells!

Our teeth, mouth, stomach and intestines that make up our digestive system!

These all are part of the Body By GOD.

Our bodies are much more intricate but what we feed it both physically and mentally will eventually impact the spirit.

For me the over eating, the comfort eating, led to high blood pressure and obesity.

The lustful sex outside of marriage, and me allowing men to do things to my body, were hurtful.

Both left painful scars that I am healing from.

But when I began to honor the Body By GOD, my body.

I changed, my spirit began to heal, followed by my body and lastly my mind changed so that I now wait for a mate, who will honor My BODY BY GOD.

Me, You, We can all honor our BODIES BY GOD.

Be careful of what you eat and be mindful of what you feed the mind!

Both if not cared for can lead to an imbalance of the spirit, body and mind.

The article reference is just a reference and not an endorsement for Pure Balance. ***See link at the bottom of the post

Need a balance?

Need to live your purpose?

Need to know you?

Let me, Saundra Sirmans aka Ladywisdomisumm

Your Spiritual Health and Life Approach Coach

The Midwife of Birthing Purpose

HELP is here!

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Scientific Evidence: The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection & Your Health – PureBalance Natural Health

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