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How many times did I shop for a bargain, because I was not willing to pay FULL PRICE?

How many times were you willing to shop for a bargain, because you were not willing to pay FULL PRICE?

I think we all like to bargain shop! Who doesn’t like a sale?

But JESUS paid the FULL PRICE! He laid down His life for our salvation, redeeming, restoring, refreshing, reviving and renewing!

JESUS is not for sale and neither is your life!

No amount of likes and followers on social media platforms could ever amount to the FULL PRICE JESUS paid on the cross!

Are you ready to know how to get the benefits of paying FULL PRICE or are you willing to stay in a bargain mentality until you are on your death bed, crying out please GOD I want to pay FULL PRICE?

What’s stopping you from aligning with GOD, as JESUS did not stop when He PAID the FULL PRICE for You?

#Ladywisdomisumm wants to hear from you!

But most of all GOD wants to hear from you!


GOD placed in me His spirit, my very own way to communicate with Him and out of that communication the #28DayFocusFreedomChallenge ©️and #JerichoJournal ©️was birthed.

My FULL PRICE: Me Ladywisdomisumm then became a #spiritualhealthandlifeapproachcoach #themidwifeofbirthingpurpose

💵Purchase the 28 Day Focus Freedom Challenge ©️ and Jericho Journal ©️safely and securely at

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#spiritualsupport #iameve🌍

#dailyprayer #prayerworks #redeemer #JESUSpaidthecost #Savior

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