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Make Room

I remember when I needed to get rid of some old items in my home to make room for new items, and I did not know where to start!

I remember making room for men, who somehow made room for sex, but would not make room to give me quality time!

I remember making room for a job that did not make room to properly train me in my room!

I remember making time to watch my favorites shows, surf the latest info on the internet and post on my favorite social media platforms!

But I never made room for GOD, until I was almost so broken and empty that GOD reminded me that He gave me the ability to make room for all of those things!

GOD made room for me to breathe, live, love, share; all the room He gives freely! But I had no room for Him!

Who and what are you making room for?

#Ladywisdomisumm wants to know!

Let the 28 Day Focus Freedom Challenge be the catalyst for a renewed mind and spiritual health!

The 28 Day Focus Freedom Challenge ©️and Jericho Journal ©️is $28, that is $1 per day!

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What do you have to gain? EVERYTHING!!!

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