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Mindset Matter

Your mindset matters!!!

The definition of matter: a subject under consideration.

As I struggled with so many challenges; the trials and tribulations that come with life.

I was reminded that my mindset mattered (what I considered in my mind) through it all!

When I had a positive mindset, when the positive matter in my thoughts was on being victorious with the help of GOD and His confirming and comforting words. I overcame those challenges unscarred!

But when I allowed negativity, sometimes my own dis-eased thoughts or those of the enemy, satan, the devil to infiltrate, my life was left with scars.

We have a choice, we have a way to live in positive matter!

GOD did not give us a spirit of fear and He also said be anxious for nothing!

We are to hold the negative thoughts captive so that the thoughts don’t become active and reactive.

How can we get to a point of positive mindset matter?

Learn GOD’s word through reading His living manual the Holy Bible!

Ask, seek and knock for GOD, comely boldly to make your request known.

And when the enemy comes in whatever form, know that you have a Mighty Conqueror that stole the keys to death, Hades and the grave!

GOD defeated the enemy who came to rob, kill and destroy.

You and your mindset matter just needs to know it and own it.

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