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Sleepless in Battle

I was sleepless in battle at one time. I would toss and turn, unable to fall asleep.

When I would finally fall asleep, I would wake up a few hours later, with the inability to fall asleep again.

I battled with an unsettled mind!

I battled with fear!

I battled with anxiety!

I battled with insomnia!

But GOD changed that! He reminded me what a renewed mind looked like!

He reminded me that I was not given a spirit of fear, and that I should not be anxious for anything.

As I began to ask, seek and knock through daily prayer and meditation on His word day and night, my faith was strengthened and my confidence grew.

Knowing GOD is healing, because He is a Healer!

I am healing!

I am sleeping soundly!

I am at peace with my thoughts, because I am now guided by the Holy Spirit living inside of me! My spirit is aligned with the Spirit of GOD!

Are you sleepless in the battle of your mind?

GOD wants you to have a renewed mind!

If you need help, let #Ladywisdomisumm help you!

INVEST in YOU, remember the battle is not Your’s but GOD’s!

Let the 28 Day Focus Freedom Challenge be the catalyst for a renewed mind and spiritual health!

The 28 Day Focus Freedom Challenge ©️and Jericho Journal ©️is $28, that is $1 per day!

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What do you have to gain? EVERYTHING!!!

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