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Spirit Body Mind Connection

It is amazing how individuals view the mind, body and spirit as though these components that characterize their being are dichotomous, when in fact these components are interconnected. Perhaps, their similar upbringings, or even those encounters with health professionals who often fragment care, as though a body part is the only aspect that deserves caring, thus separating individuals from their mind and spirit. I am thinking, so how did we come to accept the fragmenting of who we are, and what can we do to change how we think about the mind, body and spirit interconnection?

First, let’s address the spirit because that is foundational to improving our self-awareness and self-reflection of who we are. I had to learn this the hard way, and hopefully sharing my thoughts will enable you to ponder how the spirit, body and mind (that’s right the mind, body and spirit in reverse) interconnects to form a balance, that will leave you feeling harmonious and free. Feeling harmonious and free is waking up in the morning with the ability to say thank you God, being consciously aware of your breath and surroundings. Then after doing your morning business (bathroom run), find a quiet place to read your bible, a daily devotional or have a talk with God. These three things will help to address your spirit. Enabling you to address what your body needs next, some nourishment.

Taking care of your body is the second component of continuing the spirit, body, mind connection. I read or heard somewhere that breakfast is the end of a break from fasting. For individuals who work overnight, reversing your time of day breaking from a fast is the same. So, after your body has fasted what are you feeding it? Wrong if you said pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs and coffee. Sounds like the typical breakfast, but this breakfast does not promote the required energy to get your body moving. In fact, you may feel sluggish, tired or even feel the need to take a nap. Why not start out with a hot cup of herbal tea, lightly sweetened with honey, Stevia or agave, followed by some fruits? A cup of hot tea will aid digestion, and fruits as a source of fiber will help prevent constipation.

Fiber as an added benefit fills the belly, thus preventing you from overeating those pancakes, sausage and scrambled eggs. I know this sounds simple; however, you need to start somewhere. I can almost guarantee doing the latter will make your body feel better and give you the energy needed to use your mind. The amount of energy it takes to digest a heavy breakfast will leave you feeling sluggish and tired. If you have a sluggish and tired body, would that promote an optimally thinking mind?

Now that you have fed your spirit and body, your mind can function optimally. If you are like most individuals who work stressful jobs, care for families or have a tremendous amount of responsibility, you want your mind thinking, your spirit calmed, and your body well fed. You, my dear, will have better clarity to deal with the happenings of the day. Also, through eating more fruits and you will have cut down eating those potential artery clogging, heart disease producing foods.

Now you understand the spirit, mind, body, interconnection. So instead of starting with your mind, body and spirit, do these components of what characterizes your well-being in reverse. Get up in the morning, do your bathroom business, find a quiet place to be with God, get you some good stuff to eat and with a clear mind achieve what God has purposed you to do!

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