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Straddle the Fence Don’t be a Humpty Dumpty!

When I picture someone straddling the fence, I see the image of Humpty Dumpty either falling or waiting to be rescued from falling.

When the enemy, satan the devil pushes you off the fence, it is for one reason only!

To defeat you and to make a mockery of GOD!

You see we have free will!

The will to make decisions that will honor GOD or decisions that honor us out of the will of GOD!

Look all around you and think about the lives of those who operate in GOD’s Will and those who operate in their will!

There certainly is a difference!

You see the dressed up fabulous on the outside may look good!

But really this is how the enemy deceives us!

Then before you know it you’ve been robbed of your dignity.

You dreams have been killed and your life’s ambitions have been stolen, all because you fell off the fence.

Why are you choosing to fall, when your rescue is guaranteed by making one call?

The will of GOD, that’s all!

Simple saving from a fall!

You need help before you fall?

You want to know the will of GOD?

Let #Ladywisdomisumm help you from the fall! Get spiritually healthy and #spirituallyaligned

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