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That Special GIFT!!!

You ever receive a gift, a gift so special that you cherish it?

This special gift you think of it always, and also of the person who gave you that gift!

This gift is handled with care and you don’t want it to ruined, broken or lost!

So you put the gift in a safe place for safe keeping!

Oh what a precious gift it is!

That’s what the gift of Yeshua/Jesus was. A gift so precious that you store it in your heart.

Just think of His life, His death and His resurrection. What a gift He gave for us! All of us!!!

Yeshua/Jesus is the gift that is forever giving!

Please cherish this gift with all your heart, mind and soul!


Because no matter the other gifts we receive the GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE is given by none other than that of YESHUA/JESUS!!!

Need help with understanding the importance of YESHUA/JESUS, His Father and our Father YAHWEH?

#Ladywisdomisumm can help get you spiritually healthy and aligned so that you know who you are and who’s you are!

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As a catalyst for knowing your purpose.


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