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The EMPTY Series: Part 4”Let Go of that YOKE”

“Let Go of that YOKE”

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The yoke I’m talking about is not egg yoke! But some of us would benefit for letting go of a few egg yokes-😂😂😂your health would agree!

But the yoke I’m talking about is the one’s weighing ME, WE, YOU and US down to the point of spiritual, physical and mental exhaustion and sometimes an untimely death!

MY YOKE: failed relationships, child molestation of myself and my children, financial struggles, mental illness-me, Mom and my son, along with racism on the job!

After facing racism at work every YOKE came at me! I began to have anxiety and depression.

When anxiety comes depression seems to follow!

I was on the verge of breaking down, a nervous breakdown.

In that darkness GOD said I GOT a SCRIPTURE for EVERY ONE of those YOKES!

Out of it the 28 Day Focus Freedom Challenge and Jericho Journal was created.

GOD gave me a tool, weapon of warfare for ME, WE, YOU and US to release that YOKE and HEAL!

You ever notice the word HEAL is on HEALth?

My message is about motivation, inspiration and empowerment!

When your spiritual health aligns, then your physical and mental fall in line!

Seek and ask for help to free from those YOKES, your life depends on it!

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