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There is Something about His Name!

There is Something about His name! There is something about the name JESUS!

Yeshua, Lamb of GOD, Prince of Peace, Bright and Morning Star!

Need I indicate more?

All these names represent the gift that keeps on giving!

Everyday I, YOU, We get to live knowing that the name of JESUS is the sweetest name we’ll know!

When I think about what being saved means to me, I think about safety, protection, and affection. I think about being wrapped up in a love so pure and so unconditional that I can only be in awe and so grateful for my life being saved.

Sometimes we are being saved from our own selves, as we struggle to break the chains of addiction, shame, guilt, doubt and fear.

What does JESUS/YESHUA name mean to YOU?

What does it mean to be saved?

As you sit to reflect on what it means to be saved, listen to “Something about the name Jesus”, by the Rance Allen Group featuring Kirk Franklin

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