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Undeniably YOU

YOU are undeniable created by GOD!

As we celebrate Black History Month and Heart Health Month, don’t deny the undeniable YOU!

Your life is rich with blessings, grace, gifts and talents that all culminate into your purpose.

Take care of your spirit, body and mind!

Life is about balance-being spiritually, physically and mentally healthy.

Did you ever realize that the work HEALth has heal in it?

There is healing in your health! There is health in your healing!

Need a mental health therapist, a health care provider or spiritual mentor that is culturally aware?

Seek the resources available through organizations such as the Boris L. Henson Foundation, NAMI and or Association of Black Women Physicians. Reach out to Ladywisdomisumm.

Focus on your heart health as Black women of color are impacted by ❤️ heart disease far greater than any other race.

There is such a thing as a broken heart! Broken Heart Syndrome or Takotsubo Syndrome goes under diagnosed in Black women and if treated early can prevent further heart hurt or chronic heart disease.

See my blog post or IG post

The EMPTY Series Part 2: Guard Your ❤️ Heart for more on Broken Heart Syndrome.

Learn to take of YOU the Undeniably YOU!


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