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Your Assignment!!!

Your Assignment!!!

What is your assignment, your purpose?

If you are like me, who went to work everyday to do man’s assignment!

You might feel like, what is all of this for? You might be thinking why am I going to work everyday, doing the same routines everyday and then coming home, only to do the same thing the next day and the next!

That is existing!!!

That is not living!!!

But when you know GOD’s assignment, your purpose!

The things GOD lays on your heart to do, become your living purpose that creates a path of harmony, peace and freedom!

You begin to be restored, refreshed, revived and renewed when you know what GOD wants from you!

Is there fear that is preventing you from doing GOD’s assignment, walking in your purpose?

Ladywisdomisumm wants to hear from you!


GOD placed in me His spirit, my very own way to communicate with Him and out of that communication the #28DayFocusFreedomChallenge ©️and #JerichoJournal ©️was birthed.

My assignment: #Ladywisdomisumm then became a #spiritualhealthandlifeapproachcoach #themidwifeofbirthingpurpose

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